Reselling Adaworx

Selling Adaworx is rewarding. Not only will you make financial gain, but Adaworx is a platform that gives businesses - your clients - many benefits. So life gets better.


You Grow. Your Clients Grow.

With high levels of recurring incremental revenue (you get paid monthly for the length of your customer's engagement), you can create a wonderful way to keep in touch with your customers and keep your business prominent.

None of our customers are tied to a contract. Why would we do that if the customer is constantly being supported and happy?

Our partners form a very integral part of our route to market. We are fully committed to help you grow your business by offering our solutions to help your customers grow, scale and increase their value.

So Simple !

You get 25% of each installation you introduce to us ! And that isn't just the onboarding fee, it is the monthly fee, too ! So you have guaranteed income for the life of the customer. Isn't that the way referrals should work ?

None of our partner levels carry a fee, so you can get earning straight away.

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